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I'm a photographer based in the UK.  I explore the emotional landscape of what is it to be human, with all our flaws, scars and intricacies.


My grandfather bought me my first camera in the 1980s, a Polaroid. So began my love affair with photography and art. How photographers were able to capture so much of a person's story in one image continually fascinated me, but I never pursued it as a career. After many years slogging it out as an actress in Australia and the US, I finally picked up a camera at the age of 51 and turned the lens on myself. I started examining my own aging body in a bid to understand what was happening to me, how I'd ended up being where I was and who I'd become.  


I discovered that our bodies are the canvas upon which we write our life story.  Every day we add detail to it.  All our history is shown on our skin; where we were born, how we've lived, everything that's happened to us.  It's all there, written on our bodies.  


My images seek to find a truth, to witness and observe. I am not a classic or commercial photographer. I don't prioritise technical perfection over artistic beauty in my portraits, nor do I camouflage faults, blemishes or imperfections. My images are a reflection of the world around me and how I see it through the lens of my own experiences, observations, perspectives and desire to understand what it means to be human on a deeper level. My photographs are my language without words.  


My hope is that you are able to view my images with curiosity, from your own perspective and that they invoke an emotional response in you.  

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